About 9INE AVE

Every brand should have a story right?

The 9INE POINT brand Started As A Dream by one D1 walk-on, Jacolby Gilliam that wanted to create a space for athletes that he wishes he had growing up. A place where athletes can hear real stories from other athletes and the community that supports them being authentic about their journey.

As a college sprinter, he never broke anything quicker than a 10.9 his whole collegiate career in the 100m dash. He was never the fastest, but that didn’t stop him from chasing the dream of achieving my Version of Greatness.

The athletic journey is not easy. The road is never straight and narrow. There will be unexpected avenues and roadblocks along the journey, but the end goal will always remain the same.

So why not make 9INE Point into a lifestyle? 

This is what 9INE Ave represents. We are athletes, parents, coaches, fans, and trainers, and we are all chasing our version of greatness. There will always be roadblocks that turn us another way, but we will always persevere.

Welcome to 9INE Ave by 9INE POINT, the Journey is just beginning!